Child Sponsorship – Does it work?

Child Sponsorship programs have long been the centre of debate over whether this form of giving to the poor is effective.  Until recently there has been little research to prove or disprove this argument.  The following is information from the latest research, something our team here in Uganda can testify to.  We see on a daily basis the impact Child Sponsorship has on children and the community in which they live.

A recent study in six developing countries including Uganda found that child sponsorship has a measurable impact on the lives of children.

The results showed that the sponsored children stayed in school longer than their non-sponsored peers, were more like to have white collar jobs and were more likely to be leaders in their communities and churches.
In Uganda the impact on education was particularly striking.  The sponsored children were 42% more likely to finish secondary education than those not part of a programme and 83% more likely to complete university.

Dr Bruce Wydick, Professor of Economics, University of San Francisco and member of the research team also found that the spiritual aspect of sponsorship might be intrinsic to transforming children's lives.  They scored better than their peers on happiness and hopefulness.  He argues that building children's self-esteem and aspirations could be as important as providing financial help and schooling.

We should never underestimate the power of sponsorship in the lives of the children in our community.  Here in Uganda education is a huge privilege, something to be valued.  Children are desperate to go to school and to learn.  They are diligent in their studies because they know that with an education they can gain meaningful employment that will break the cycle of poverty that exists within their family and community.

The Operation Uganda Child Sponsorship Program supports more than 400 children in one of the poorest areas of Kampala and in the desperately poor rural area of Abim in Northern Uganda.  Your sponsorship DOES WORK.  It provides school fees, uniforms, scholastic materials, food, access to health care and discipleship and mentoring programs.

'Bringing hope’ or ‘making a difference’ are often considered trite phrases, but this is what we do and we do it with your help through child sponsorship. 


Full Research Article can be found here
Does International Child Sponsorship Work? A Six-Country Study of Impacts on Adult Life Outcomes