— noun
1. the condition of being without
2. not possessing the ability to acquire the minimum basic needs for a decent human existence like food, clothing, shelter, education, and health care.

Every day our team here in Uganda are working with people from the local community that live in poverty.  Mostly they are women, widows or solo mothers, trying their best to care for their children in very difficult circumstances.  If they can get work, it is usually poorly paid and long hours.  For those women who are sick from diseases such as HIV, TB or Malaria they cannot work.  No matter what the circumstances these families face an uphill battle every day to find a source of income that will provide food for their children, school fees for their children’s education and rent to put a roof over their heads. 

So what does a mother do when she is too ill to work, or she cannot find a job?  There is no welfare system here in Uganda.  If you can’t work, you have no income, it’s as simple as that.  You go without food and your children become malnourished, the landlord comes to evict you from your humble home because you have not paid your rent and your children cannot go to school because you cannot pay the fees.  Every day brings another problem, a call for help, a plea to be rescued! 

That’s where our Rescue Fund goes to work.  We cannot and will not turn away, we are compelled to act but, our resources are limited.  Just this week we have had three women come to us who will be evicted from their homes because they cannot pay rent.  None of them can work due to illness.  It is always difficult for our team to decide who we can help and how we can help.

Will you help us to stand in the gap and assist those who are without?  For as little as $10 per month our Rescue Fund puts food in hungry bellies, provides rent assistance to stop eviction, pays for transport to health facilities for the sick and so much more.  We would encourage you to sign up today, so that tomorrow and every day after we can continue to make a difference!

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