The Rescue Fund

  • Every day our team in Uganda are working with people from the local community that live in poverty.  Mostly they are women, widows or solo mothers, trying their best to care for their children in very difficult circumstances.  If they can get work, it is usually poorly paid and long hours.  For those women who are sick from diseases such as HIV, TB or Malaria they cannot work.  No matter what the circumstances these families face an uphill battle every day to find a source of income that will provide food for their children, school fees for their children’s education and rent to put a roof over their heads. 

    That’s where our Rescue Fund goes to work, will you help us to stand in the gap and assist those who are without?  For as little as $10 per month our Rescue Fund puts food in hungry bellies, provides rent assistance to stop eviction, pays for transport to health facilities for the sick and so much more.  We would encourage you to sign up today, so that tomorrow and every day after we can continue to make a difference!

    Support the rescue fund for only AUD $10 per month

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