Sponsor Daphine for $45 a month

Birthday: 9th March 2007

Hello my Name is Daphine, my favourite animal is a dog. I love maths and reading books and playing netball with my friends. I want to be a teacher when I grow up.


Daphine is a vulnerable child living with her parents and in a one roomed hut. Her parents are peasant farmers and struggle to provide for the family, your support will not only make a huge impact in Daphine’s life but also her family.

Daphine like so many other children in Uganda, live in extreme poverty on less than $1 a day per family. Your monthly sponsorship contribution gives Daphine the ability to have a hope and a future, ensuring she receives an education with full school and examination fees, school uniforms and book packs, a nutritional diet, medical attention when required and all the love and care she deserves. Thank you for sponsoring Daphine and making a difference in her life. 

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