Sponsor Meshach for $45 a month

Birthday: 24th August 2019               (Child Code: AO037)

Hello, my name is Meshach. My favourite animal is a goat. I like to play soccer with my friends. My favourite food is yams and beans. I like the colour is green and at school I like to draw and colour pictures. I want to be a policeman when I grow up.


Meshach is a vulnerable child living with his parents and two siblings; Patience and Lazarus along with five cousins: Dorcus, Given, Patrick, Eveline and Elvis. This family struggles with their basic needs due to financial challenges and family size. Meshach’s parents are subsistence farmers and they grow food to feed the family. Your support through child sponsorship will change Meshach’s life and help his entire family.

Meshach, like so many children in Uganda, lives in extreme poverty. Your monthly contribution will enable him to attend school, be fitted with a uniform, supplied with text books and have his exam fees covered. He will also receive a healthy school lunch each day. Your monthly sponsorship also ensures that if required, he will receive medical care. More importantly, Meshach will receive an education which gives him hope for a brighter future.

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