Our Jewellery has been beautifully handcrafted by women in Uganda and the proceeds of your purchase will go directly back to helping vulnerable households in Uganda.

Nzuri Necklace

Nzuri means beautiful in Swahili and this beautiful handmade necklace, with each individual paper has been hand rolled and then designed into a unique piece

Kifahari Necklace

Kifahari means Elegant and that's exactly what this necklace is, you'll turn heads with the unique piece. Beautifully handcrafted and made with love by women in Uganda.

Kipekee Necklace

Kipekee means Unique in Swahili and this beautifully handcrafted necklace made with paper beads and designed with the wow factor in mind will turn heads.

Almasi Necklace

Almasi means Diamond in Swahili and this beautiful necklace made with fine handcrafted paper beads that have been individually rolled combined with the modern & fun ...

Upendo Necklace

Upendo means Love in Swahili and this necklace was made with Love by women in Uganda - each piece was crocheted and sewn together

Tajiri Necklace

Tajiri means Rich in Swahili and the colours in the unique piece display a rich contrast from gold to deep purple, each paper bead was hand rolled, and made with Love

Maji Necklace

Maji means Water in Swahili, and water is life, this beautifully aqua coloured necklace not only will look fantastic on you but your purchase will bring life to a family struggling in poverty

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