Sponsorship Plus

Most people want to do something good, something meaningful, something that not only gives a sense of fulfilment but leaves a legacy; child sponsorship through Operation Uganda does exactly that in fact it does so much more, our overheads are very minimal, meaning your hard earned money really does make and impact not only in the life of an orphaned or vulnerable child in Uganda but it also benefits the entire household.

Sponsorship Plus is your opportunity to help us transform the lives of 250 orphaned and vulnerable children currently waiting for sponsorship. Uganda has huge issues with poverty and thousands of children don’t have access to an education.

What do you want from me if I already sponsor a child?

We’re not asking you to take on another sponsor child, nor are we asking for more money from you, in fact we want to say a HUGE thanks because you get it, that’s right you get how important child sponsorship is otherwise you wouldn’t invest $45 per month into changing the life of a child.
You are already our best ambassador; you’re the best person to represent us to your friends, your family and your workmates.
During the month of October we would love for you to help us get 250 orphaned and vulnerable children sponsored and change their lives forever.

What if I don’t sponsor a child?

What better time than now to make the decision to change a life and impact a family living in poverty, for just $1.50 per day you can, jump onto our website and select a child that is waiting for you. http://ou.lndo.site/sponsor 

During the month of October we will be asking you to share posts, host a sponsorship party, we will be giving you the opportunity to have some sponsor cards and advocate for us to your family, friends and workmates and help us to reach the target of transforming the lives of another 250 children.

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