Sponsor Ivan for $45 a month

Birthday: 28th March 2016             Child Code: JHKC073

Hello, my name is Ivan. My favourite colour is blue. My best animal is a monkey and my favourite game is soccer. Circling is my best subject at school using a pencil. Green banana and fried fish are my favourite foods. I would like to be a policeman when I grow up.


Ivan is a vulnerable child living with his single mother, his twin sister Ivana and five siblings: Nakato, Sudaise, Shafik, Arapha and Sharifah. They live in a one roomed house. Ivan’s mother has no stable source of income as she does laundry to generate a small income. She is unable to provide their basic needs. Your support through child sponsorship will create a positive change in Ivan’s life and help his family.

Ivan, like so many children in Uganda, lives in extreme poverty. Your monthly contribution will enable Ivan to attend school, be

fitted with a uniform, supplied with text books and have his exam fees covered. He will also receive a healthy school lunch every day. Your monthly sponsorship also ensures that if required, Ivan will receive medical care. More importantly, Ivan will receive an education which gives him hope for a brighter future.

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